About Radman Radiological Inc. and the Rad Bag®.

Founded in 1995 by John H. Moller, Inventor, R.T.R., A.R.R.T. of Virginia Beach, Virginia who has 35 plus years experience in the Diagnostic field of radiology with emphasis in the portable field for over seven years.  Long before the digital era, Mr. Moller experienced the inconveniences of portable and stretcher X-rays.  At that time, he decided to develop new technology (X-ray Cassette Covers called the “Rad Bag”®) which aided in the protection of your cassettes, technologists and patients.

Guarantee from the Founder, “Radman Radiological, Inc. is committed to your satisfaction. If our products do not meet the highest standards of quality, please contact us immediately.  We will gladly do whatever it takes to gain your satisfaction.  “We stand behind our products!!”

Please use the quick contact or proceed through the rest of our site to request FREE X-ray Cassette Covers samples or to learn more about our products.

The “Rad Bag”® (X-ray Cassette Cover)

Rad Bag ® Facts

  • Reduces Patient Movement, X-ray Cassette Protection, Infection Control

  • Custom Fit and Trauma Tested

  • 8.7 Million Rad Bags were used to cover X-Ray cassettes in 2020

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  • Radman Radiological, Inc. P.O. Box 6307Virginia Beach, VA 23456

  • Phone: (757) 430-6710 Fax: (855) 723-6262